Hurdles Avengers Endgame Faces as It Seeks to Dethrone Avatar

New York, After its blockbuster start, some had

expected Avengers: Endgame would go on to easily dethrone Avatar

as the highest-grossing film of all time. But in the weeks that followed

its record-setting debut, it appears unlikely � at least in its first run.

Endgame shattered any and all assumptions about what a movie

can achieve at the box office. It was the first film to earn more than $1

billion in an opening weekend and the fastest film to reach $2 billion.

However, as Endgame exits its sixth week at the box office, its

sales momentum has slowed so much that now analysts are

questioning if it will be able to surpass Avatar’s $2.78 billion record.

Endgame’s current sales tally, $2.73 billion, is no small feat.

However, The final $58 million the film needs to catch up to Avatar is

not going to be easy to get, especially, as the summer box office

season heats up.

Here are four hurdles Avengers: Endgame faces as it seeks

to dethrone Avatar, represented in sizzling summer slate, no more

openings, niche audience, It’s kind of a bummer.

All that being said, Endgame could still surpass Avatar. It just

might not do it during its first run in theaters.

Films are often re-released in theaters during major anniversaries

or milestones, as well as part of movie-watching marathons.

Titanic got a 3D release in 2012, 15 years after its first release

and hauled in $57.8 million in the U.S. Five years after that, for the

film’s 20th anniversary, it was released again, earning nearly $700,000.

Avatar even got a second release, returning to theaters in 2010

and gaining an additional $10.7 million during that limited run.

It would not be out of the question for Endgame to do the


Source: Oman News Agency

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