Injuries by occupation bullets during the storming of Tulkarm

Tulkarm Ma’an – The occupation forces withdrew from Tulkarm and Salfit after raiding shops selling agricultural materials and confiscating their contents.

The storming of Tulkarm resulted in a young man being seriously injured. According to the Ministry of Health, a young man was injured in the neck and chest and arrived at Tulkarm Governmental Hospital.

Armed clashes broke out when the occupation forces stormed the city today. The occupation army stormed the Nur Shams and Tulkarm camps yesterday, and destroyed the infrastructure under the pretext of searching for explosive devices.

In implementation of the policy of Netanyahu’s government, specifically Finance Minister Smotrich, who threatened to turn the camps in the northern West Bank into ruins, the occupation army continues its continuous raids and targeting young men with assassination and arrest for security reasons.

Source: Maan News Agency