Interior Minister Meets Ambassadors Of US, French, Canadian And Romanian Separately

Baghdad, The Minister of Interior, Yassin Taher al-Yasiri discussed with US Ambassador Matthew Tueller, French Ambassador Bruner Ober, Canadian Ambassador Paul Gibbard and Romanian Ambassador Jacob Prada, separately on security coordination and counter-terrorism.

During his meeting with the ambassadors at the ministry, the minister stressed his keenness to enhance bilateral relations between Iraq and the countries of the world so as to ensure the achievement of common interests.

During meetings with ambassadors, Yasiri stressed the need to coordinate international efforts to combat terrorism, calling for unifying the visions to dry up the sources of extremism and terrorism in all countries of the world.

The Minister also stressed the importance of international cooperation to eliminate organized crime and drug trafficking, pointing out that the Ministry of the Interior has begun real steps in that direction and that it will not tolerate any threat that affects the lives of citizens.

For their part, the ambassadors stressed their keenness on the security and stability of Iraq, revealing their pride in partnership with the Iraqi forces in achieving victory over the ISIS organization.

The ambassadors also expressed their readiness to cooperate on the security side and develop intelligence expertise, announcing their desire to activate the agreements and activate them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency