Iranian Authorities cut the Internet access to the country

BAGHDAD, The capital of Tehran and other cities are witnessing a cautious calm on Sunday amid the disruption of the Internet service in most parts of Iran after a wave of violent protests that broke out against the rise in gasoline prices.

The capital Tehran, in addition to other cities, has witnessed cautious calm since this morning as almost all its streets are empty of traffic, and the government decided to disrupt schools today, because of the congestion in most Iranian cities yesterday, the choking of the main roads and demonstrations, including some violence not to mention an interruption in the country’s Internet service.

It explained that: “Despite the prevailing calm, it is expected that some areas will see the return of protests in the late hours of the night.”

“The authorities arrested dozens of (rioters) and people during the demonstrations, and arrested the leaders of the protests in the city of Mashhad in the north-east of the country.”

Protests have spread across most Iranian cities since Friday, and intensified on Saturday, including the closure of major city roads and suffocating congestion, as citizens left their cars in the streets to condemn the high fuel prices.

Protests in some cities led to the killing and wounding of people as a result of the use of live bullets and tear gas.

On Friday, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) issued a statement announcing a three-fold increase in the price of gasoline in the country, where the price of a liter of subsidized gasoline is 1,500 tomans ($ 0.04) per liter, and the price of unsupported gasoline is 3,000 tomans. The price of a liter of super gasoline is 3500 tomans ($ 0.08) per liter.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency