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Iraq is pressing ahead with ending UNAMI mission — official spokesperson

Iraq is pressing ahead with ending UNAMI mission — official spokesperson

Iraq and the United Nations are in the process of ending mission of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), the government spokesperson declared on Saturday.

Iraq is now capable of managing AND solving the internal political files and other files concerning the neighboring countries without the aid of the UN mission, said Bassem Al-Awadi, the government spokesman, in remarks to the Iraqi news agency.

He indicated that when Baghdad requested the conclusion of the UNAMI mission in March, last year, the UN Security Council formed a panel to examine its performance and submit recommendations to the competent authorities, The formed panel visited Iraq and held meetings with concerned officials and authorities, he said, adding that the committee had advised that the mission should be concluded by the middle of 2026.

However, he has indicated that Iraq wishes to finish the mission by 2025, adding that the government had begun tackling issues related to the borders with Iran, Turkey and other neighboring count

The government had reached significant accords with the neighboring countries and successfully managed sensitive internal files such as the Kirkuk question, relations with the Kurdistan Region in addition to other political issues, Al-Awadi said.

Nevertheless, Iraq will continue to seek technical assistance from the UN regarding files such as the elections but not via UNAMI, he said, adding that other UN agencies could continue to work in Iraq.

UNAMI was formed in 2003 according to Security Council Resolution 1500, upon a request by the Iraqi Government. Its role significantly expanded in 2007 in line with UNSC Resolution 1770.

UNAMI provides support and consultation to the Iraqi government for boosting comprehensive political dialogue, national conciliation, organizing elections, facilitating dialogue with neighboring countries, promoting human rights and reforming the judiciary.

Source: Kuwait News Agency