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Iraq, Syria sign security cooperation memorandum

Iraq, Syria sign security cooperation memorandum

Iraqi Interior Minister Abdulamir Al-Shammari announced Sunday the signing of a security cooperation memorandum along with Syrian counterpart Mohammad Khalid.

During a joint press conference, Minister Al-Shammari highlighted that the memorandum includes cooperation in combating drug trafficking, border control, extradition of suspects, combating organized crime and money laundering. In his remarks during the conference, the Syrian minister noted that combating drug trafficking cannot be achieved without coordination and cooperation, adding that Iraq will be hosting a comprehensive regional cooperation meeting next July.

Minister Khaled, who us in Baghdad on an official visit, took note of past successful cooperation in combating drug trafficking by dismantling networks and seizing drug shipments, affirming that the commitment of both nations to collaborate further.

The Syrian Interior Minister arrived in Baghdad yesterday evening on an official visit.

Source: Kuwait News Agency