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Israeli Entity Continues Bombing Southern Lebanon

Israeli Entity Continues Bombing Southern Lebanon

The Israeli entity continued to bomb villages and towns in southern Lebanon.

According to field sources, an Israeli warplane fired an unexploded missile targeting a house in the town of Aitaroun. Israeli warplanes also carried out an airstrike against the town of Marwahin for the second time and carried out an airstrike targeting the town of Meiss El Jabal.

In a related context, Israeli army artillery targeted the western outskirts of Houla and the outskirts of Zahajra and Tayr Harfa.

The Israeli entity stepped up aerial and artillery shelling of towns and villages in southern Lebanon, resulting in civilian deaths and injuries, and forcing hundreds of families from their homes, in conjunction with the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip since 7 October.

Source: Oman News Agency