Israeli forces raid Nablus, injures one Palestinian, arrests two others

One Palestinian youth was injured, and two others arrested on Sunday during an Israeli military operation in Nablus City, the West Bank.

In a press statement, the Palestinian Health Ministry said that one injury with live bullet reached Refeiydah government hospital after raids by occupation forces on the city.

A special Israeli force raided the old town and surrounded a house, followed by a larger force from the army and arrested Mosaab Mozafar and Eyad Al-Taktori amid confrontation with Palestinian young men.

A statement by the occupation Forces said that the two young men shouted two Israeli officers in Huwara town last March.

Israeli forces intensified its aggressive campaigns during the last two years, in Jenin and Nablus in particular, accompanied by violent confrontations with the Palestinian, and resulted in tens of deaths and injuries.

Since January 2023, the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip resulted in 151 deaths.

Source: Kuwait News Agency