Israeli warplanes raid house in S. Lebanon, kills one person

Israeli occupation warplanes on Thursday raided a house in the southern village of Hola, killing one person, the official National News Agency said.

They also attacked the village of Aitaroun, while gunners hit the town of Al-Khiam, outskirts of Al-Naquora and Odeiseh towns.

In retaliation for killing the resistance field commander in Al-Hosh near Tyre on Wednesday, the Lebanese resistance, today, unleashed a salvo of more than 200 rockets in the direction of the occupation military outposts in the north of occupied Palestine, the NNA added.

The resistance targeted with rockets towards five military positions in the settlement of Kfar Blom, seven barracks and bases with booby-trapped drones.

The southern regions have been witnessing tit-for-tat hostilities since October 8, a day after fighters from Gaza attacked a cluster of Israeli settlements, killed hundreds of settlers, and took scores as prisoners. The violence in the South has reportedly killed 500 people and left massive damage.

Source: Kuwait Ne
ws Agency