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“Jerusalem Electricity” completes a new project in Turmus Aya

“Jerusalem Electricity” completes a new project in Turmus Aya

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Jerusalem Governorate Electricity Company completed the project of “laying ground high-voltage cables” and removing high-voltage overhead lines at a distance of 900 meters in the town of Turmus Ayya, north of the city of Ramallah.

The company confirmed that the project aims to increase the reliability of electrical current, improve electrical quality, and improve the voltage reaching the region.

The company indicated that the implementation of the new project in the northern Ramallah area, which will serve the towns of Turmus Ayya, Al-Mughayir and Abu Falah, comes within the framework of the business strategy drawn up by the General Administration of the Jerusalem Company with the aim of providing the best and highest quality services to the company’s subscribers in the various concession areas.

The cost of the project amounted to approximately 350 thousand shekels.

Source: Maan News Agency