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Jerusalem Electricity implements an awareness campaign on rationalizing electricity consumption and public safety

Jerusalem Electricity implements an awareness campaign on rationalizing electricity consumption and public safety

Jerusalem – Ma’an – The Jerusalem District Electricity Company implemented an awareness campaign on rationalizing electricity consumption in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, in cooperation with the Ramallah and Al-Bireh municipalities, in a number of summer camps.

The company’s staff implemented its awareness campaign on rationalizing electricity consumption and safety from electrocution, for children from 5 to 14 years old, in camps and summer clubs in the Orthodox Club, the Popular Art Center, the Evangelical Lutheran School, the Ramallah Youth Club, and the Al-Bireh Municipality Theater.

400 children benefited from the company’s awareness campaign, in order to invest the time of school students during their summer vacation by expanding their awareness about the use of electrical appliances, accompanied by the distribution of awareness brochures and gifts appropriate to their ages.

The Director of the Technology Department at the Jerusalem Electricity Company, Eng. Samah Dasht, said, ‘Within the co
mpany’s plans and strategies, we organize awareness workshops for all segments of society. These workshops are among the most important and one of our annual activities.’

Dasht added: ‘There must be consistency and harmony in the dealings between the provider and the beneficiary, through awareness workshops that aim to inform the local community about the electricity market, its importance and how to preserve it, as it is a depleting source.’

Ms. Rozan Hassoun from the Jerusalem Governorate Company also provided a set of tips and guidelines on the safe use of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, computers, chargers for these devices, and other electronic games.

She said that this campaign will continue throughout the summer vacation, and that children from other institutions will be targeted.

For her part, the head of the sports corner in one of the summer camps, Tima Qatamesh, stressed the importance of educating children about how to use electricity in a safe and proper manner, noting ‘the need to re
duce the use of electricity in an appropriate manner in light of the current economic crisis facing the Palestinian people.’

Iyad Omar, a summer camp official, said: ‘When we teach children to rationalize electricity consumption, they will get used to it, especially since we are suffering from a reality in which there is a shortage of electricity and water.’

The Technology Department of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company, based on the General Administration’s strategy, is concerned with raising awareness among different segments of Palestinian society, and of different ages, regarding rationalizing electricity consumption to save on the monthly bill.

Source: Maan News Agency