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Jetour X70 PLUS’ livestream achieves great success during the Shanghai Auto Show

Jetour X70 PLUS’ livestream achieves great success during the Shanghai Auto Show

SHANGHAI, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On April 20, 2021, Jetour, from Chery Commercial Vehicle, began their first livestream on Facebook to showcase their series of vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show. The livestream was part of Jetour’s appearance at the show, which also featured the online event “Who is Your Hero?” and interactions between Jetour and international industry leaders.

During the livestream, Jetour invited President of Chery Holding ZHOU Biren and General Manager of Jetour International CHEN Jiacai to talk about Jetour’s current situation and future market strategy. As part of the discussion, they noted that Jetour is committed to providing more families around the world with attractive automobile solutions with plenty of space, functionality, and technology. They also invited potential global partners to join Jetour in becoming a travel+ market subverter.

Also appearing on the livestream were various social media influencers to demonstrate the multiple ways in which the X70 Plus stands out in the international vehicle market.

Jetour X70 Plus is a newly designed automotive experience that combines fresh style with power. With the service concept of “everything is user-centered”, Jetour has provided a new way of smart, safe, and convenient travel with the X70 Plus. This latest addition to the Jetour product series helps Chery strengthen their strategic position in the travel+ market.

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