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Job Flexibility Linked to Lower Anxiety: Study

Job Flexibility Linked to Lower Anxiety: Study

A recent study published in JAMA Network Open suggests that job flexibility and security are crucial for reducing anxiety and psychological distress among employees.

Analyzing data from over 18,000 full-time workers, researchers found that those with flexible schedules and job security reported lower odds of experiencing severe psychological distress and anxiety.

Lead author Monica Wang from Boston University highlighted the importance of organizational approaches like flexible work schedules, remote options, and tenure-based benefits.

The study revealed that 3% of participants experienced serious psychological distress, while over 60% sought mental health counseling.

Job flexibility was associated with a 26% lower risk of serious distress and a 25% lower risk of anxiety.

The findings underscored the significance of balancing work and personal life commitments to improve mental well-being.

Source: Oman News Agency