Joint Effort 10 Exercise Continues

Participants in the preparatory exercise (Joint Effort 10) continue to implement the plans of preparedness in the marketing stage of the supposed crisis through the spread of the cell group to the various commands and units that will participate in the main exercise (Al Shumoukh 2) at the national level and the exercise Al Saif Al Sarea-3 or (Express Sword 3) to be implemented in October.

During this stage, a series of measures will be implemented within the framework of the exercise plan, which will pave the way for the actual stage which will be activated during the coming period of this preparatory exercise within the framework of the coordination aspects and frameworks of cooperation and integration between all sectors and institutions participating in the various strategic, operational and tactical levels to achieve preparatory targets of the coming two major exercises (Al Shumoukh- 2 and Express Sword- 3).

Source: Oman News Agency