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Joint GCC, Yemen meeting commences in Qatar

Joint GCC, Yemen meeting commences in Qatar

The joint Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Yemen meeting comes per the instructions of Gulf leaders to strengthen ties, said Secretary General of the GCC Jasem Al-Budaiwi, as the meeting commenced in Qatar on Sunday.

The GCC countries are committed to continuously support the Yemeni people on all fronts, and that they are the biggest donors surpassing 37 billion USD, development and economic support of which since 2006, humanitarian and relief support of which since 2015, he continued.

Al-Budaiwi pointed to the distressing situation in Yemen escalated by the recent regional tensions leading the “Houthi militia” to further escalate the conflict in the Red Sea and Gulf of Eden, which is complicating the efforts to restore peace and stability in Yemen whereas the legit government is trying to improve the economy and livelihood of the citizens.

On his part, Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman emphasized in his speech his desire to unify the GCC’s objectives and exchang
e ideas to come up with solutions in light of the escalating conflicts in the region.

He also praised the efforts of Saudi Arabia and Oman in continuously trying to communicate with all the concerned Yemeni parties to revive the Yemeni politics in order to achieve a comprehensive solution.

Kuwaiti Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Al-Yahya headed the Kuwaiti delegation participating in the meeting of GCC and Yemeni foreign ministers, held in Doha.

Source: Kuwait News Agency