Justice Minister Visits Jordan

Sheikh Abdul Malik bin Abdullah al-

Khalili, Minister of Justice left here this evening for the Hashemite

Kingdom of Jordan on an official two-day visit as per an invitation from

Dr. Awad Abu Jarad Mashagbeh, Minister of Justice of Jordan.

The visit is an extension of the cooperation between the two

brotherly countries that will be culminated by signing the memorandum

of understanding (MoU) between the Higher Judicial Institute in the

Sultanate and the Jordanian Judicial Institute in scientific and legal


The Minister of Justice is accompanied by Majid bin Abdullah al-

Alawi, Chairman of the Administrative Court, Hussein bin Ali al-Hilali,

Attorney General, Khalid bin Rashid al-Manwari, Deputy Chairman of

the Supreme Court and Dr. Nabhan bin Rashid al-Ma’awali, Dean of

the Higher Judicial Institute.

The visit’s programme includes meetings with specialists at the

Jordanian Ministry of Justice, the Administrative Court, the Judicial

Institute and the Public Prosecution.

Source: Oman News Agency