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KRCS announces orphan sponsorship project in Gaza

KRCS announces orphan sponsorship project in Gaza

Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) announced on Wednesday the orphan sponsorship project in Gaza in coordination and cooperation with the (Wafaa) Capacity Building and Microfinance.

The Secretary-General of KRCS Maha Al-Barjas stated to KUNA after her meeting with a delegation from the (Wafa) Foundation at the society’s headquarters that the project aims to provide social, educational and health care for orphaned children who have lost their families by creating suitable environmental conditions for their upbringing.

Al-Barjas added that the society will market the project to donors interested in sponsoring orphans, indicating that the society seeks to sponsor 1,000 orphans from the Gaza Strip.

She explained that the society seeks to provide psychological and moral support to these children, in addition to providing food, drink, and clothing.

She mentioned that KRCS has been keen on providing all relief and medical assistance to the Palestinians since the beginning of the Israeli occupation’s attacks on G
aza Strip.

On his part, Muhaisen Atawneh, WAFA Director General and the relief project implementer, in a similar statement to KUNA, expressed his thanks and appreciation to KRCS for the orphan care project in Gaza, noting that the association did not hesitate to support Palestine in all ways and means.

Atawneh said that this project is an extension of Kuwait’s humanitarian and developmental contributions in supporting Palestinian orphans, praising Kuwait’s leading role in caring for orphans worldwide.

He added that the Zionist aggression continues on Gaza, leaving thousands of orphans without families in a besieged sector devoid of the simplest life necessities, explaining that comprehensive services will be provided to orphans to enable them to live with dignity and become active individuals in their communities, building a better future for them.

Source: Kuwait News Agency