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Kuwait Audit Bureau underlines importance of governance

Kuwait Audit Bureau underlines importance of governance

Undersecretary of the Kuwait State Audit Bureau (SAB) Yousef Al-Mazrouei underscored the importance of establishing governance principles and contributing to the development of preventive oversight mechanisms that help predict future events and implement necessary proactive measures to confront them.

In his statement on the sidelines of the “Internal Audit: Leadership and Sustainability” forum organized by the bureau on Wednesday, Al-Mazrouei emphasized that numerous variables that have resulted in economic impacts require collaborative efforts to address them.

The bureau is committed to enhancing and developing cooperation with all entities under its supervision to ensure the proper conduct of financial and accounting work and the fulfillment of their tasks, he explained.

On his side, Director of Internal Audit Department at the Audit Bureau Dr. Adnan Al-Hasan stated that the forum aims to improve the efficiency of internal auditing within the bureau and the entities it oversees.

The forum also aims to e
xchange experiences between internal audit offices and government entities, transfer expertise between the public and private sectors, and raise awareness among all government entities about the significance of internal auditing, Al-Hasan added.

SAB has trained over 300 internal auditors in government entities and qualified about 35 trainers across governments to enhance the efficiency and train internal auditors to perform their duties, he noted.

Source: Kuwait News Agency