Kuwait calls for collaborative efforts to halt fighting in Sudan

The State of Kuwait Ambassador to Egypt and the Permanent Representative at the Arab League Ghanem Al-Ghanem on Monday affirmed necessity of exerting collaborative efforts for ceasing the fighting immediately in Sudan.

“The State of Kuwait has followed up with deep concern the recent developments in Sudan that led to spread of violence and strifes among various parties thus threatening Sudan’s stability and security,” said Ambassador Al-Ghanem during an extraordinary session of the Arab League Council, held at the level of permanent delegates, addressing the issue of Sudan.

Al-Ghanem underscored necessity of holding national dialogue among the Sudanese parties with regional and international support to pave the way for holding credible elections.

Military action will not achieve any progress for restoring Sudan’s stability, he stressed.

He lauded the Arab states for rapid response to the developments in Sudan and keeping session of the delegates’ meeting open

Source: Kuwait News Agency