Kuwait considers UN “cornerstone of int’l multilateral action” – diplomat

The State of Kuwait underlined that the United Nations (UN) is the cornerstone of international multilateral action and that the UN Charter, with its noble purposes and principles, marks a solid base for inter-state relations.

This came in a speech delivered by Senior Secretary of the Kuwaiti Permanent Delegation at the UN Fahad Al-Hajji during an open UNSC debate on peacebuilding and sustaining peace late Thursday.

Hajji reiterated Kuwait’s backing to UN reform efforts aiming at making the international organization more effective and qualified to address present and future challenges.

The session came at a critical and delicate time where the world is facing more intricate risks, challenges and threats than ever, he said, lamenting that the current international order has become less effective due to sharp splits and differences among member states.

Therefore, the Kuwaiti diplomat called for more concerted efforts to take serious and tangible procedures in order to overhaul the international multilateral order, mainly the UN, so that it could address relevant challenges.

However, he pointed out that the UN Charter includes several tools for resolving conflicts by peaceful means, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and judicial settlement, citing Chapter VI of the UN Charter.

He emphasized that it is essential for the UNSC to move effectively in order to prevent the eruption of conflicts, rather than just to attempt to ease out relevant impacts and ramifications.

This, he maintained, could be achieved by means of deepening strategic partnerships with the UN in the context of mediation efforts, he said, citing Chapter VIII of the UN Charter.

Peacebuilding efforts necessitate the provision and establishment of confidence elements in all the phases of the peacebuilding process following conflicts and wars with a view to ensuring peaceful, reconciled and resilient societies, where dialogue, justice and peaceful coexistence must be put first.

However, the Kuwaiti diplomat believed that women’s effective involvement in political process and peacebuilding would have positive effects on relevant output and outcomes.

Source: Kuwait News Agency