Kuwait Hlt Ministry warns against violating patients’ privacy

The Health Ministry affirmed that any type of photography or video recording that were not within the boundaries of the law was a violation of patients’ privacy.

In a press statement Monday, the ministry said that everyone should respect patients’ privacy, stressing that protecting medical data is one of its most important priorities.

Referring to Article 21 of Law 70/2020, the ministry indicated that it was prohibited for third parties to photograph or video patients or practitioners while they were in the health facility unless they obtained prior written approval from the concerned parties or the facility’s management.

The same article of the Professional Practice Law allowed the professionals to perform any type of recording for the purpose of education, documentation, research and more, after obtaining written consent from the patient, taking into account not revealing the patient’s personal information and identity.

The ministry urged citizens, residents and media professionals to cooperate and adhe
re to these legislations, stressing the continuation of its efforts to ensure the provision of the best health services in an environment that respects patients’ rights.

Source: Kuwait News Agency