Kuwaiti charities heed Amir’s appeal to help Morocco almost instantly

Kuwaiti charities heed Amir’s appeal to help Morocco almost instantly

Kuwaiti charities have already scrambled into action to relieve victims of the earthquake that ravaged large swaths of southern Morocco, heeding His Highness the Amir guidelines to secure assistance for them rapidly.

Al-Salam charitable society announced earmarking KD 120,000 (some USD 400,000) for the relief in collaboration with the International Islamic Charitable Organization.

The society chairman, Nabil Al-Aoun, said in a statement to KUNA relief activities had kicked off in the first hours when the disaster happened, indicating that allotted money are being spent for securing food and makeshift housing namely tents for those whose houses turned into ruins when the 7 degree quake jolted the nation late on Thursday.

All Kuwaiti relief and charitable associations have joined hands to aid the quake victims, he affirmed.

The food supplies have already been packed, pending coordination with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said, affirming that they would reach the stricken quickly.

Badr Al-Sumait, the director general of the Islamic charity, said the association has been coordinating the work since the first hours when the catastrophe occurred, coordinating with the ministries of foreign and social affairs.

A meeting will be held tomorrow — grouping a cocktail of Kuwaiti civil and relief societies; all keen on delivering the aid quickly to those suffering from impact of the disaster.

He also appealed to all good-doers to raise donations for the afflicted Moroccan brothers. 9end)

Source: Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)