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Kuwaiti film “Amakor” features in Morocco’s Dakhla Int’l Film Festival

Kuwaiti film “Amakor” features in Morocco’s Dakhla Int’l Film Festival

The Kuwaiti film “Amakor” was featured in Dakhla International Film Festival, which concluded on Saturday, with movie stars from Africa and the Arab world in attendance.

In a statement to KUNA, president of the festival Zine El-Abidine Charafeddine said that in this 12th edition of the festival they were honored to feature movies from the gulf, especially Kuwait and the UAE.

The festival was a good way to introduce Moroccan and African viewers to Gulf cinema and Kuwaiti cinema through the movie “Amakor” by Kuwaiti Director Ahmad Al-Khudari, which drew the attention of the public and critics.

On his part, the movie’s star Abdullah Al-Tararwah expressed his happiness at the representation of Kuwaiti cinema in the (feature films) category, in a statement to KUNA.

He added that this is considered a great opportunity to introduce Kuwaiti cinematic achievements in front of a wide audience, including film critics and artists from Africa, the Arab world and Europe.

The movie “Amakor”, produced by Ahmad Al-Khudar
i, written and directed by Mohammad Al-Muhaiteeb, starring Abdullah Al-Tararwah, Khaled Ameen, Samah, Hassan Abdal and Hussain Sherazi received wide acclaim in Arab and international festivals.

Source: Kuwait News Agency