Kuwaiti official sheds light on axes of foreign policy

Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Human Rights Affairs Ambassador Sheikha Jawaher Ibrahim al-Duaij Al-Sabah has presented broad lines of the State of Kuwait’s external policy at the annual meeting of the Gulf Research Center in Cambridge.

Sheikha Jawaher said in a statement to KUNA her presentation focused on the major objectives of Kuwait’s foreign policy, designed to promote friendship and peace and maintain cordial ties with sisterly and friendly states as well as abstaining from intervention in other states’ local affairs.

Part of the external policy dimensions address development diplomacy, she said, noting that the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development has steadily offered aid and loans to fund projects in nations in need.

Another axis of the State of Kuwait’s external policy is humanitarian diplomacy which mirrors the innate traits of the people of Kuwait who advocate aiding afflicted peoples, she added.

Ambassador Jawaher shed light in her presentation on the role of women in Kuwait and
the other GCC countries, playing a prominent role in the diplomatic, judicial and oil sectors.

She indicated Kuwait’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council adding that the 2023 Global Peace Index classified Kuwait as a stable and secure country, ranking 25th internationally and the first among the Arab countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency