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Kuwaitis to cast vote for ’24 parliamentary elections Thurs.

Kuwaitis to cast vote for ’24 parliamentary elections Thurs.

Eligible voters will head tomorrow, Thursday, to cast their ballot in the 2024 National Assembly elections, choosing elect 50 members of the country’s parliament.

Voting will commence on 12:00 pm in the country’s five constituencies and the process will end by 12:00 am with vote-counting commence afterwards.

Some 200 hopefuls are running for this year’s elections to reach the coveted seat at parliament for a tenure of four years.

There are some 834,733 eligible voters who can choose their candidates with the five constituencies allowing ten winners each to reach parliament after gathering the most votes.

The first constituency has 41 candidates with 104,038 voters eligible for vote, the second has 39 candidates with 95,302 voters, the third has 32 candidates with 143,693 voters, the fourth compromised of 48 candidates with 220,932 voters, and the fifth and final constituency has 40 candidates with 270,768 voters.

According to Article 80 of the constitution, the National Assembly compromises of 50 MPs cho
osen by direct elections. The National Assembly’s legislative term should last four years unless an Amiri decree was issued to dissolve it in addition to other technicalities.

In its meeting last week, the cabinet announced that work would be suspended in all government bodies and institutes on Election Day, which would be considered a day of rest.

Some 123 designated schools would host the ballot boxes with 764 main and sub-committees therein.

This the second election in history of Kuwait that occurs during the month of Ramadan with the first in July 27, 2013 during the 14th legislative term. There were by-elections held during the holy month on December 7, 2000.

Source: Kuwait News Agency