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Kuwait’s youth eager for positive outcome from ’24 parliamentary elections

Kuwait’s youth eager for positive outcome from ’24 parliamentary elections

The youth in Kuwait are looking forward to the upcoming 2024 National Assembly election on Thursday, April 4, in hopes that the democratic process will result in a positive outcome addressing their aspirations and meeting the goals of overall development.

Youth in Kuwait represent around 70 percent of the population; therefore, it is very important to meet their concerns and dreams for a better Kuwait.

In this regard, a number of academics and specialists told KUNA that it was important to have election results that reflected and utilized the youths’ energy and determination, saying that this was the key to boosting progress and development.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Faili, professor of law at Kuwait University (KU) and constitutional expert, said that the huge percentage of the youth population made it imperative to meet their desires for a better Kuwait.

Candidates must include youth matters in their campaigns because they are as important as improving political discourse and democratic process, stated the academ
ic, adding that bringing issues like solving economic problems and making youths connect with it was a real challenge.

He hoped that the youth, on their part, were keen on casting their vote for the sake of their future.

On his part, professor of constitutional law at the Kuwait International Law School Dr. Mohamamd Al-Fahad affirmed that the youth population around the globe was key for creating real change, indicating that his observation saw that youth in Kuwait were very much involved in the political scene.

Dr. Al-Fahad also pointed out that the last election results saw a huge percentage of younger MPs winning a seat in the National Assembly, attributing that to the fact that youth represented a huge portion of the population.

He predicted that the upcoming election would continue this trend, stressing that the goal was not to include youth per se as representatives of the people, the aim was to allow skillful and development-conscious candidates to reach parliament.

He affirmed that the youth were
willing to put their hands and skills in service of Kuwait to resolve many issues chiefly amongst them was housing, which is a major concern to them.

Improving living standards, employment, education, sports, and many other matters were also on the radar of youths in Kuwait, Dr. Al-Fahad said, calling for boosting education on political and election matters in school curriculums to encourage more youth participation.

Source: Kuwait News Agency