Land Transport Fires Down by 21pc Last Year, Says ACDA

Muscat, Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (ACDA) today reported that the number of fire accidents in land transport vehicles last year dropped from 769 to 606, down by 21.1%.

The ACDA explained that automobile fires happen as a result of negligence, failure to maintain the vehicles or conduct safety checks on them, low volume of water in a vehicle’s radiator, fixing extra devices that increase pressure on the engine or require higher power that is beyond a vehicle’s capacity or risking driving a vehicle with high temperature readings.

The ACDA noted that automobile fires increase considerably in summer and usually cause human and material losses, which can be avoided by getting the vehicles maintained on a regular basis and through adherence to precautionary safety measures prior to starting the vehicles.

Also, all vehicles should be supplied with security and safety equipment like fire extinguishers, and automobile users have to be trained to use the equipment.

Only original spare parts have to be fixed on vehicles when replacing the damaged ones, added the ACDA, which also advised automobile owners and drivers to get their vehicles repaired at approved workshops and to avoid keeping any combustibles onboard, including lighters and perfumes.

Children should never be left alone in cars with running engines, said the ACDA, which stressed that when a vehicle is at high temperature or catching fire, it should be parked immediately on the side of the road and not driven any further.

Source: Oman News Agency