The Board of Directors of the Lebanese Business Leaders Association (RDCL) held an emergency meeting on October 14 at the association’s headquarters in downtown Beirut, to discuss the recent and deplorable security developments, expressing its deep regret over the casualties, injuries, and the terror caused to citizens in their homes and children in their schools. Moreover, the destruction and devastation increased the suffering of the Lebanese, reminding them of the civil war, and directly and negatively affected what was left of the faltering economy.

The Lebanese Business Leaders Association (RDCL) denounces these events and calls on everyone to rally around the Lebanese army, to uphold civil peace and national sovereignty. It insists on the exclusivity of the weapons in the hands of the Lebanese security forces. The RDCL stresses as well on the paramount importance of continuing the government’s work to carry out the necessary reforms, in addition to negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, and holding transparent parliamentary elections on time.

RDCL also calls for respecting the independence of the judiciary system and applying the principle of separation of powers. It strongly condemns all abhorrent sectarian extremism that doesn’t echo neither our convictions nor our principles. RDCL aspires to a Lebanon built on the bases of plurality, diversity, and respect of the rule of law.

Source: National News Agency