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Lebanese PM: Refugee issue may turn into “fire ball”

Lebanese PM: Refugee issue may turn into “fire ball”

Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Wednesday warned the Syrian refugees’ crisis might turn into a “fire ball,” flames of which would reach Europe.

The caretaker prime minister, speaking during a parliamentary session on the issue, said financial aid for the Syrian refugees should be aimed at nudging them to return home rather than stay in Lebanon, noting that the bulk of Syrian territories “has become safe.” He urged security authorities to take stiff measures against any illegal resident, in coordination with the UN Higher Commission for Refugees.

Mikati also called on the general prosecution to stiffen legal measures against people convicted of trafficking, human trade and urged for intensifying diplomatic efforts to promote dangers resulting from the presence of the large number of Syrian refugees in the country, estimated at two million.

On the recently declared EU one billion aid for Lebanon, Mikati indicated that the sum would be part of regular financial aid, allocated for the country
since years ago.

Source: Kuwait News Agency