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Libya: 510 people rescued from under rubble

Libya: 510 people rescued from under rubble

The Libyan government announced Thursday rescuing 510 people from under the rubble in the city of Derna, while expecting the number of victims of the recent torrential rains and devastating floods to reach record numbers.

There are many areas, including Susah, Al-Mukhayli, and Al-Wardiyah, that need urgent intervention due to thousands of missing people, Health Ministry Undersecretary Saad al-Din Abduwakeel said in a press statement.

Earlier today, Derna Mayor Abdulmenam Al-Ghaithi expected the death toll in the stricken Libyan city would rise to 20,000 people.

Meanwhile, the Libyan House of Representatives convened an emergency session to discuss the effects of Storm Daniel that struck multiple regions.

Daniel swept through eastern Libya, as the government declared the cities of Derna, Shahat, and Al-Bayda disaster areas after the collapse of two dams in southern Derna, which led to entire neighborhoods submerging and swept into sea.

Source: Kuwait News Agency