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LMRA launches Majlis Initiative

LMRA launches Majlis Initiative

Manama: The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) launched last night its “Majlis” initiative, a series of gatherings designed to foster open dialogue and collaboration between LMRA’s executive management and stakeholders.

The first Majlis session was held at LMRA’s Headquarters in Sanabis with diplomatic missions in Bahrain, including UN organisations, to showcase LMRA’s services and new initiatives. Participants engaged in discussions on a range of topics related to enhancing workplaces and preserving the rights of all work parties.

The inaugural Majlis session focused on “Working Together” campaign; a joint initiative by LMRA and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to raise awareness of the rights and obligations of employers and expatriate workers in Bahrain.

Participants discussed the campaign’s goals, strategies, and potential impact, as well as ways to enhance collaboration between LMRA and stakeholders.

The Majlis, a traditional Arabic term for a gathering or a council, is set t
o be a platform for open communication and exchange of ideas. LMRA’s Majlis initiative aims to create a constructive setting where stakeholders can share their perspectives, and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Nibras Talib, the CEO of LMRA, said “The Majlis is a cornerstone of our culture, a place where we come together to listen, learn. We are excited to bring this tradition to LMRA and create a space, we can exchange thoughts and share best practices.

The Majlis initiative is part of LMRA’s ongoing commitment to transparency, engagement, and continuous improvement. By creating a space for open dialogue and collaboration, LMRA aims to strengthen relationships with stakeholders and work together to create a fair, equitable, and productive labour market in Bahrain.

Source: Bahrain News Agency