Madayn Industrial Academy Conducts Analysis Studies on Human Resources Performance

Muscat, Madayn Industrial Academy has implemented a series of training programmes for the employees of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn and the companies and factories investing in Madayn’s industrial cities during 2020, sayid Dr.Khamis bin Said Al Muniri, Director General of Madayn Industrial Academy.

Al Muniri informed that the academy has carried out several studies and consultations during 2020, which included a study analysis on human resources performance that targeted all the employees of Madayn’s head office, industrial cities, Knowledge Oasis Muscat and Al Mazunah Free Zone, and another study analysis on the operational cost for the units and the industrial cities of Madayn.

“The human resources performance analysis adopted descriptive method where interviews were taken as the fundamental tool through asking direct questions, followed by analysis, discussion, and drawing out results. In fact, these interviews play a pivotal role in facilitating interactive discussions, analysis and interpretation of the employees’ answers,” Al Muniri said, adding: “Moreover, a dedicated form to the human resources analysis was prepared by the supervising committee and was used in this study. Document analysis was also employed for the tasks of the directorates and departments, job descriptions, and employees’ data.”

He pointed out that these analysis efforts shall contribute in getting acquainted with the employees’ productivity in terms of quantity, quality and methodology used for carrying out the tasks, work overload, and ensure fair distribution of human resources to keep in line with the coming period of Madayn.

The Director General of Madayn Industrial Academy noted that Madayn is one of the governmental bodies that are subject to the civil service system, and while taking this into consideration, Madayn is undertaking significant efforts to take the lead in the optimal use of human and financial resources. “From this standpoint, we decided to implement this study in order to understand the size of actual work in Madayn and what suits the tasks in terms of the number of manpower,” Al Muniri remarked.

He also emphasised that the analysis of human resources performance in any institution involves employee-related measures through which the institution can measure the extent and quality of its workforce performance. “Several studies in this field have confirmed that the utilisation of advanced analysis is directly connected to achieving an effective human resources management. With the aim of improving performance results, data measurement should be clear to identify the current situation and carry out improvements related to human resource strategies,” he said.

Al Muniri stressed that through this analysis process, Madayn aims at obtaining accurate information on the employee performance and report the results to the top management, which will facilitate the HR processes such as recruitment, training, transfer and promotion. “Such efforts also play a key role in emphasising employee involvement, enhancing productivity, and boosting employee morale and loyalty. All these together contribute to achieving the institutional objectives, providing training opportunities to the employees to develop their skills, enhancing continuous investment in talent development, and identifying high potential employees to achieve high-performance manpower, and thus work on adopting job enrichment techniques,” Al Muniri elaborated.

On the other hand, the second study was carried out to analyse the operational cost of the directorate and industrial cities of Madayn. “The analysis aimed at determining the accurate operational cost and revenues for each directorate and industrial city so that the top management can take any related decisions in this regard,” he mentioned.

Madayn, represented by the academy, has signed this year a number of agreements that support the role and objectives of the academy. Of these agreements, a cooperation programme was signed with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to develop joint plans that link the outputs of higher education institutions with the investing companies in the industrial cities of Madayn. The agreement aspires to strengthen integration between the current and future development plans of the industrial cities and the fields of higher education, scientific research and innovation, as well as develop the curricula of higher education institutions regarding the various specialisations that are linked with the industrial needs of the sector and the companies in the industrial cities.

Another agreement was signed with Amazon for Environment and Sustainability to provide a healthy environment in Madayn’s industrial cities. This agreement comes in line with Madayn’s efforts to support entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises. Through this agreement, consultations will be carried out in the field of identifying and measuring air pollution in the industrial cities, presenting scientific solutions to the investors to address the various environmental effects caused by pollution, and ensure a healthy work environment within these industrial cities.

It is worth to mention that Madayn Industrial Academy was established in 2019 to provide training opportunities for the national cadres to enhance their administrative, financial and technical skills, boost their skills and raise their productivity, provide value adding services to the investors in the industrial cities, provide new job opportunities for the national cadres. The academy organises a series of training programmes and events that address the trending topics and challenges locally and globally. Moreover, the academy organises training-for-employment in cooperation with the concerned bodies in this field.

Through the academy, Madayn aims to enhance the skills of the national cadres and complement the efforts made by the Sultanate to support training and Omanisation by providing scientific and practical training to the cadres in order to meet the needs of the industrial sector. Madayn also aims through the academy to employ and develop the services offered to the companies and factories, enhance partnership with the educational and training related bodies to benefit from their expertise in the field of human resource development, improve production processes, simplify work procedures, and carry out industry-related research and studies.

Source: Oman News Agency