Madayn Seminar Highlights Omanisation in Industrial Sector

Muscat, The Public Establishment for

Industrial Estates Madayn organised a seminar on Omanisation in

the industrial sector at Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat today.

The event was held as part of Madayn’s Oman Manufacturing

Group (OMG) 2019 series of events. Targeting investors and business

owners based in Al Rusayl, Samail, Nizwa and Sur Industrial Cities, the

event underscored the significance of training the national cadres in

the industrial sector in particular and other sectors in general, the

impact of Omanisation in raising productivity and competitiveness, and

achieving an ideal work environment, which all together contribute

positively to the advancement of the Sultanate’s national economy. The

seminar also demonstrated the online registration for investors and the

mechanism that allows investors to provide necessary services in the

field of training.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Khamis al-Muniri, Executive Director

at Madayn Industrial Academy (MIA) explained that this seminar comes

as a follow up to the seminar held last March for the investors in Suhar

and Al Buraimi Industrial Cities. These events are being held to create

a real partnership with various public and private bodies in order to

develop solutions to meet the challenges facing Omanisation and

rehabilitation in the industrial sector in the Sultanate. In fact, Madayn

gives priority to the significance of training and development of the

human cadres in its various industrial cities. In the previous years,

Madayn has been adopting training and development programmes

dedicated to the factories and companies based in the various

industrial cities with the aim of developing their capabilities in different

areas, Al Muniri stated.

He added, Madayn Industrial Academy was established with

the aspiration of giving a greater significance to the field of training and

developing the human cadres. The academy will provide vocational

and technical training programmes to develop the Omani cadres and

raise their productivity. We have to note that Madayn has signed an

agreement with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to provide

employment opportunities through training for employment, direct hire,

redeployment and on-job training. Additionally, the partnership with

Nettur Technical Training Foundation will include the training of local

faculties in Oman, identify the required relevant courses and

equipment, develop vocational and technical training programmes to

be run by the academy, set the curriculum and the content for

conducting the training programmes and various certificate

programmes, and evaluate the trainees performance through

appropriate means and award certificates to successful trainees.

Al Muniri also pointed out that the academy will bring benefits to

the investors and companies. These benefits include supporting the

government in employment, having an outcome of well-prepared

trained employees, participating in employment interviews, enhancing

the relations between Madayn and the investors, training the existing

employees in the companies in different specialisations, facilitating

work procedures of companies with government institutions, and

providing free technical and administrative consultancy.

Jamal al-Jahadhamy, National Objectives and Training Advisor at

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), emphasised that the agreement

between Madayn and PDO shall contribute to the provision of various

employment opportunities through training for employment, direct hire,

redeployment and on-job training.

Al-Jahadhamy added that the national objectives of PDO aspires

to deliver value to the nation by maximizing the employment of skilled

Omanis with PDO contractors and across Oman.

He also noted that the year 2018 highlights included the

graduation of more than 3400 trainees from the National Objectives

Programme; 17000 job opportunities were created, and the graduation

of the largest vocational training in the history of National Objectives

Programme (1077 graduates).

Ali al-Hashmi, CEO of Oman Technology Institute, explained that

the institute’s Omanisation programme aims at training Omani

nationals to the employment levels required by employers, instilling

work ethics and commitment in trainees, availing employers of qualified

employees at minimum cost, among other objectives. It should be

noted that the institute was established in 2003 as a commercial and

technical institute. It has partnerships with many international

accrediting bodies in the UK, USA and Germany, and it is one of the

providers of PDO’s National Objective programmes.

Mohammed al-Breiki, Director of Omanisation and Rehabilitation

Department at Madayn, commented that Madayn has formed this

department to follow up the progress of work in various industrial cities,

monitor Omanisation standards and manpower related issues and offer

more quality job opportunities in these industrial cities.

Al-Breiki added that the objectives of the department include

training of human cadres in the industrial cities and free zones of

Madayn, promoting the basics and procedures of Omanisation within

the industrial cities in cooperation with the related government bodies,

developing training programmes in partnership with private sector

bodies, raising Omanisation rates and make the best use of Omani

competencies in the industrial sector.

A round of discussion then took place, moderated by Dr.

Khamis al-Muniri. Several topics were discussed that included training

services and incentives offered to the companies and factories based in

Madayn’s cities in cooperation with the National Training Fund (NTF)

and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Discussions also took place

on the quality of the programmes offered to the participants by NTF

and the difference between training-for-employment programmes and

on-job training. The efforts of Madayn to implement academic

qualification programme in cooperation with NTF and PDO was also

underscored, in addition to the challenges faced by the companies and

factories in raising Omanisation rates and recommended solutions

were proposed.

This event comes within the Oman Manufacturing Group (OMG)

series of events for the year 2019, which aim at underlining various

subjects related to businessmen, employees and students of higher

education institutions in the Sultanate. OMG events have been initiated

by Madayn to bring together local manufacturers and various industries

to network and discuss on the recent trends triggered in the industry

and promote the development of the manufacturing sector in Oman.

Source: Oman News Agency

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