Majlis AShura Continues Discussion of Transport and Communications Minister Statement

The Majlis A’Shura continued its

discussion of the statement of Dr. Ahmad bin Mohammed al-Futaisi,

Minister of Transport and Communications, in its 12th ordinary session

of the third annual sitting (2017-2018) for the eighth term (2015-2019).

The statement of the Minister of Transport and Communications

included various sectors of transport and communications in the

Sultanate, including logistics, transport, aviation, ports and maritime

affairs, as well as areas of institutional development.

The remarks of the members of Majlis A’Shura focused on the road

projects in the various governorates of the Sultanate, and the

development of the road network in some wilayats due to the increase

in population.

The members also inquired about the prices of services provided by

operators in the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate, pointing to

the importance of strengthening telecommunications networks in the

various wilayats of the Sultanate, in addition to the importance of

promoting the ports sector and the logistics sector due to its

importance in activating the trade and economic activities in the


Source: Oman News Agency