Majlis A’Shura Hosts Commerce and Industry Minister on Jan 10th -11th 2018

Muscat—- During its 6th and 7th session of the third annual sitting 2017/2018 of the 8th term 2015/2019 Majlis A’Shura will host on January 11th and 12th the Minister of Commerce and Industry to discuss the statement of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Sheikh Ali bin Nasser al- Mahrouqi, Secretary General of Majlis A’Shura said in a statement that the Ministry of Commerce of Industry’s statement includes six themes. The first theme will cover the commerce, industry, mining and service activities during the 8th five-year plan and their performance in 2017. The second theme follow up the manufacturing industries sector as one of the five prioritized sectors at the National Economic Diversification Program ” Tanfeedh” during the 9th five-year plan. The theme includes a number of statistics and data on commerce and mining.

” The third theme will discuss the legislative system and the agreement as the Sultanate adopted liberal market policy by its membership at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The fourth theme will discuss the Omani investments at the areas of the Public Establishments for Industrial Estates, the number of projects at each Estate and the size of such projects. The fifth theme will discuss the improvement of business environment as per the world competitiveness report issued by the World Bank, the Invest Easy Portal and the statistics and data on this portal, he furthered.

“The last theme will cover the work plan for the Public Authority for SMEs Development’ Riyada’ during 2016 and 2017, the aspects fo cooperation between ‘Riyada’ and other relevant orgnaizations, the support provided to entrepreneurs, the challenges facing entrepreneurs, Al Raffd Fund, the finance programs for the Fund, its mobile branches and performance indicators, he concluded.

Source: Oman News Agency