Media Committee Completes Preparations for Shura Elections Coverage

Muscat, Nasser bin Sulaiman Al Sibani, Deputy Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and Television, Chairman of the Media Committee for the Majlis A’Shura 9th Term Elections affirmed that all preparations to cover the elections scheduled for Sunday 27th October have been completed.

This came during a meeting held by the committee to get acquainted with all aspects related to media coverage through official and private media outlets.

He pointed out that the media coverage will include all the media outlets and that live radio and television coverage will be – for the first time – from all electoral centers in all wilayats of the Sultanate, starting from six o’clock in the morning on election day, until the announcement of all results.

The Chairman of the Media Committee explained that about seventy journalists and media professionals will participate in the coverage of the elections from outside the Sultanate representing a number of Arab and foreign media institutions.

Source: Oman News Agency