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Meetings with ministries about international experiences in community accountability

Meetings with ministries about international experiences in community accountability

The Arab World Observatory for Democracy and Elections, within the “Citizen First” project funded by the European Union, in partnership with the Center for Civil Society Studies, Civitas, and the Association of University Graduate Women in Gaza, concluded a series of meetings with duty bearers in the West Bank.

This came in the presence of international expert Dr. Ulf Karmsund, an expert in international experiences in community accountability, with the aim of exchanging experiences, identifying ways to develop, and monitoring obstacles and challenges in Palestine for community accountability.

A meeting was held with the Palestinian Minister of Women’s Affairs, Dr. Amal Hamad, and representatives of the Department of Associations and Studies in the Ministry, and a meeting with Professor Haitham Arar, Director General of the Human Rights Unit – Ministry of Interior, in addition to the meeting with Raed Sharabati and Professor Muhammad Jadallah in the Ministry of Local Government, and Professor Nancy Al-Masry, Director The Community Participation Unit in the Local Authorities Development and Lending Fund,

The mechanisms and strategies for community accountability in ministries and institutions were discussed, and the international expert, Dr. Ulf Karmsund, talked about international experiences in ways of community accountability and the amount of experiences that Palestinian ministries and institutions can invest. It has been arranged with the ministries to hold a series of workshops (North, Central and South). With the directors of the ministries’ directorates and the directors and mayors of the West Bank to share international experiences and draw up mechanisms to develop ways of community accountability and improve performance, with Dr. Ulf Karmsund, the international expert, in the upcoming visit

Source: Maan News Agency