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Microsoft to invest 4 bln euros in France

Microsoft to invest 4 bln euros in France

Microsoft announced on Sunday investing four billion euros in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector and developing data centers around France.

This came during President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Microsoft’s headquarters, before heading “Choose France” annual summit at the Chateau of Versailles near Paris.

In a statement by the French Presidency, Microsoft is looking in strengthening its artificial intelligence and cloud-computing infrastructure in France, which will provide 25,000 graphics-processing unit (GPU) by the end of 2025.

Microsoft also added that a plan to train a million French people on the uses of AI, as well as support 2,500 French startups on adopting AI by 2027. Later today, ‘Choose France’ annual event kicks off with the participation of almost 180 officials and foreign investors.

Source: Kuwait News Agency