Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, delivered a word at an event titled “Lebanon the Role and Situation between Israeli Violations and International Charters” at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut on Wednesday, in which he shed light on the continuous Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

Mikati said that the Israeli attacks on south Lebanon and deliberate killings and destruction constitute an unspeakable terrorist attack that the international community must endeavor to end.

“Our choice in Lebanon was and still is peace; our culture is a culture of peace based on justice and international laws,” he stressed. “Our people will not accept the attacks on its sovereignty, national dignity, and territorial integrity, and on the civilians, especially children and women,” he said.

“We are concerned with the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians, namely in Gaza, based on our Arab identity and national and humanitarian considerations,” he added.

“The essence pf peace is that the Palestinian people lives on its l
and under a free and independent state,” he underlined.

“The path of peace begins with Palestine,” he went on saying. “It is in Palestine that the history of this region begins,” he continued. “No peace agreement can survive unless it guarantees the Palestinians’ right of return,” he said.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon