Ministers, Officials Visit Tour of Oman Operations, Media Centers

Eng. Mohsen bin Mohammed al- Sheikh, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, Ahmed bin Nasser al- Mahrzi, Minister of Tourism and Ali bin Khalfan al- Jabri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information and a number of officials, visited the residence of the contestants and the committees operating in the 2018 Tour of Oman. They were briefed on the latest preparations for the race and the photo exhibition. They also visited operations center for the race, the media center and the spatial workshop for the tour.

Chairman of Muscat Municipality stressed the keenness of the Sultanate’s government to continue the organization of Tour of Oman and said: “Because the Tour of Oman represents a great importance in conveying the cultural image of the Sultanate, its distinguished civilizational history, and its role in the introduction of natural and tourist attractions, and in boosting the distinguished position of the Tour of Oman among international tours , the government has decided to continue the Tour of Oman and renewal for the next 6 years, where new steps will be taken to develop the tour ,including the dissemination of bicycle culture among school students, and the organization of a parallel race for amateur from the next version 2019, which was agreed upon in the agreement between Muscat Municipality and the organizing company of the race.

The Minister of Tourism said that the Tour of Oman has become part of the map of international sports in the field of cycling and tourism promotion indirectly, pointing out that the tour will witness next year a significant development by organizing a parallel race for amateur , where tourists from around of the world participate in, just like what happened in the Tour of France which attracted more than 500000 persons who came with their families, and this aspect is an added value for tourism.

Source: Oman New Agency