Ministry announces major educational reforms for Oman

Muscat: The Ministry of Education confirmed that a systematic plan will be implemented, starting from the next academic year (2023/2024) in vocational and technical education. This will be in accordance with best international practices, the directions of national plans and the needs of the economic sectors. The implementation will be a gradual process in accordance with the directives of the Council of Ministers.

Director General of Curriculum Development, Dr. Yahya Al Harthy explained to Oman News Agency that all students in Oman have the right to compete for vocational and technical education in the post-basic education stage (eleventh and twelfth grades). However, initially the application will be limited to students from areas close to the experimental schools. Dr. Yahya is in charge of the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation at the Ministry of Education.

He further added that the Ministry is working to prepare students on several aspects by developing the study plan for grades 1-10, and also by revising concepts related to the professional and technical field in the school curricula.

Yet another path-breaking development that the vocational guidance will work on is getting students ready to choose majors as per their interests and talents. He also indicated that an option to choose business administration and information technology as majors will be applied starting from the next academic year 2023/2024 in some schools in the governorates of Muscat and North Al Batinah, in cooperation with an accredited educational institution as a center for the BTEC program. Majors in energy and mineral specializations are also expected to be implemented in the academic year 2024/25 under the same program.

Source: Times of Oman