MoH Highlights Economics of Tobacco

Muscat, A meeting on the studies of the economic

burden of tobacco on the Omani Society or national economy was held

today in the presence of Dr. Said bin Harib al-Lamki, Director General

of Primary Health Care and member of the Executive Board of the Gulf

Health Council.

The meeting, which held at the main conference hall of the Ministry

of Health (MoH), witnessed the participation of Dr. Sophia Delipalla, an

expert in the economics of tobacco from the University of Macedonia in

Greece along with the members of the National Tobacco Control

Committee and Gulf Health Council.

Dr. Al-Lamki talked about the economic burden of tobacco and the

role played by the member States in the Gulf Health Council, including

the Sultanate, through developing strategies, enactment of legislation

and raising awareness, as well as adopting the project of the

economics of tobacco, which is implemented at the level of members


He added that this project addresses the study of data, issues and

categories that have not been studied before. The study deals with

tobacco impacts in terms of cost per person or treatment cost, as well

as the diseases caused by smoking including cancer, respiratory

diseases and other diseases.

It is worth mentioning that this study will be completed by June

2019 and will be published and circulated to all community members in

order to learn about the negative impacts of tobacco use in the

Sultanate. This study is the first study in this field in the GCC


Source: Oman News Agency

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