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Moroccan Ambassador: Bahrain Summit turning point for joint Arab action

Moroccan Ambassador: Bahrain Summit turning point for joint Arab action

Manama, The Bahrain summit will mark a turning point in the progress of joint Arab action, the Moroccan Ambassador to Bahrain said, highlighting the kingdom’s capabilities of making the upcoming Arab Summit a success.

In an interview with Bahrain News Agency (BNA), Mustafa Benkhayi, Ambassador of Morocco expressed his confidence in the ability of Bahrain, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, to hold a successful summit. He expected the Bahrain summit to generate momentum to embark on a new phase of joint Arab action that would serve the causes of the Arab world and yield strategic initiatives aimed at forging stronger partnerships.

Ambassador Benkhayi said Bahrain was capable of mobilising a collective effort through the Bahrain Summit to advance joint Arab action.

He stated that Morocco, with the directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has consistently encouraged adherence to joint Arab action and called for its development in a manner that attaches the necessary importan
ce to Arab issues. He added that Morocco also focused on promoting comprehensive development, as well as strengthening cooperation and achieving Arab integration.

The Moroccan ambassador said his country remains committed to prioritising development, Arab integration and unity and the respect of the sovereignty of Arab countries.

The ambassador emphasised that Morocco and Bahrain have always shared an approach of coordination and consultation in addressing Arab issues. Therefore, there is ongoing communication between the two countries to support, promote and develop joint Arab action.

He highlighted that the status of the two countries within the Arab world enable them to effectively contribute to formulating a clear vision to drive joint Action.

Ambassador Benkhayi said that the Arab League was the broader framework of reference for joint Arab action. In this context, he emphasised that Bahrain was an active members in all the divisions of the Arab League, and that it was recognised for its wise approac
h, valuable contributions and constructive initiatives.

The ambassador underscored the importance of developing the work mechanisms of the Arab League by continuing to build on its experiences based on a modern, realistic and optimistic perspective that leads to a new dynamic capable of addressing current and future challenges. He said this required a comprehensive and realistic assessment to develop an effective approach to achieve common aspirations.