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Muhammad Mustafa assumes his duties as Prime Minister from Shtayyeh

Muhammad Mustafa assumes his duties as Prime Minister from Shtayyeh

Ramallah – Together – Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa officially assumed his duties, during the handover and receipt ceremony from Muhammad Shtayyeh, today, Monday, in the Prime Minister’s Office in Ramallah.

Shtayyeh handed Mustafa a number of files to follow up and accumulate, such as the Gaza reconstruction and recovery plan, the reform plan, and the emergency plan.

Shtayyeh said: ‘Today we deliver to you three documents prepared by the government. The first document is the reform plan that was presented to the world, and it is an integrated plan that was approved by donors and was developed. The second document is the government’s emergency plan for the year 2024, and the third paper is the lessons and lessons regarding the sector. Gaza on relief, reconstruction and economic recovery.

Shtayyeh added: ‘I salute our people for their steadfastness in all their places of presence, and to all the employees of the State of Palestine, and I extend my thanks to them for their efforts, and thanks and appreciati
on to my brothers in the Fatah movement, as I am a member of the first cell of the Central Committee, and we will remain in permanent confrontation with the occupation.’ Until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, the return of refugees, the lifting of injustice against our people in the Gaza Strip, and the unification of geography and institutions, we will remain loyal to the martyrs and prisoners.’

In turn, Mustafa said: ‘The achievements of your government were greatly appreciated despite the difficulties facing its work, and the challenges that our people are going through in light of the ongoing occupation aggression in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including Jerusalem, of killing, destruction, and settlement expansion.’

Mustafa added: ‘Shtayyeh is a strong man and a man of national principle. I tried everything I could, and thanks and appreciation go to your government and your staff for their efforts during the previous period. We are in the service
of our country and what your government has accomplished we will build on, and we will study the files you presented with complete care, which are extremely important, and they are part of It is essential to the government’s work program for the next stage, to give our people what they deserve, and we will also continue to pay tribute to the martyrs and prisoners, and we will confront all attempts to obscure our just cause and our legitimate rights, most importantly the right to return and live a dignified life.’

Mustafa continued: ‘We promise our leadership in the PLO, led by Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas, and our people in Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank and the diaspora that we will be loyal to them and provide everything we can, and we will build on the achievements of previous governments under the leadership of Mr. President.’

Shtayyeh wished success to the new Prime Minister and his government, and full confidence in completing the effort and accumulating the work of previous governments, to overcome th
e challenges facing our people and our cause.

Source: Maan News Agency