“Murder Rates in Oman are Low,” assures Assistant Public Prosecutor

Muscat: “The murder rate during 2022 in Oman is not high,” said the Assistant Public Prosecutor, Maysa Zahran Al-Ruqaishi, in an exclusive interview for Ma’a Shabiba show on Shabiba FM (our Arabic language FM station).

She stressed that what is being circulated and believed by some people regarding the increase in such crimes is due to the time proximity in the occurrence of murders recently.

She added that all murder cases that occur and other cases are subject to extensive study by Public Prosecution employees and specialists in sociology.

In addition, the Public Prosecution cooperated and partnered with the Ministry of Social Development in studying issues related to societal phenomena, especially those related to the family, such as children and juvenile cases.

She emphasized all efforts are being made to come up with a detailed and accurate analysis of the reasons for these cases.

Source: Times of Oman