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Nabil Amr belongs to Maan…a message to President Biden

Nabil Amr belongs to Maan…a message to President Biden

The media reported that your esteemed administration sent a number of armored vehicles for use by the Palestinian police, after Israel allowed their entry.

Earlier, the media reported that Israel had allowed the arrival of a quantity of batons due to American efforts to use them by the police.

As for me, the writer of these lines, I love with all my heart to see in our country a police qualified in all aspects to maintain the security of our citizens. If they had been present a long time ago, they might have been able to prevent the attempt on my life, which missed my head and injured my leg, which led to its amputation.

As for me as well, I would love with all my heart to see an effective judicial system in my country, to give the police’s tasks in maintaining internal security credibility, with which the citizen is happy and the community enjoys, as the police are the main tool for this.

What saddens me is that there are hundreds of thousands of cases accumulated in our courts without being considered, which has embarrassed even the tribal judiciary due to its inability to deal with them all.

When I heard the news of our police being equipped with armored vehicles and before that with batons, and perhaps after that with marches, I wanted to write to you, as the head of the superpower that sponsored the “historic” peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the papers of which were signed in the gardens of the White House, and your administrations threw all their weight into making it a success and making it a success. It is truly a “historic settlement” to a chronic conflict that has exhausted the Middle East and the world for decades, and there is nothing on the horizon that heralds its resumption.

Mr. President..

What worried me about the story of the batons and armored vehicles, even though I would love to see our police as the best in the entire world, and I do not care if the armored vehicles and even the possible marches are American or European, as we requested them from the Russian leadership years ago and for reasons I do not know, we did not get them or perhaps we did get them. It was rusty.

However, our story with you relates to axioms and not to radical positions regarding hostility or loyalty, and the matter is very simple.

The axiom in which we differ with you, Mr. President, is that the batons, armored vehicles, and even the marches that our police have at their disposal will not reassure the souls of the Palestinians, because the Israeli armored vehicles that storm camps, villages, and cities are stronger, larger, and more, and just as our police were due to their “lack of resourcefulness,” they disappear in the face of the raids. The Israeli army, inevitably, in the face of any new invasion, will disappear along with its armored vehicles. It does not have the ability to launch a heavy-caliber battle with the intruders.

The missing axiom in this matter, which is the basic one, and which you approved as a theory and not as an application, is that the absence of the so-called political horizon makes tanks, armored vehicles, and marches, whether Israeli or Palestinian, incapable of resolving any matter, even temporarily. The experiences of long years during the era of the decline of the political horizon prove this. You, my friends, know this truth more than anyone else, as you are in constant contact with developments from the “prosperous” beginnings of Oslo, until its tragic endings.

You know, Mr. President, that the Palestinians, who number fifteen million and perhaps more, live on their homeland and in neighboring and distant countries, and you have hundreds of thousands of them in America, and they even helped you in the elections that brought you to the White House… These Palestinians are the exception. The only people in the entire world, they have no national identity even if they hold American or other passports, and they do not live a life under the simplest conditions in the camps spread inside and around their homeland, and because they demand the most basic human rights… freedom, independence, and dignity, that is, they demand what everyone has earned. Human beings on the surface of the planet, for this reason, wars that do not stop are imposed on them, and sieges become increasingly narrow and tight.

Here we need to ask a question that falls under the category of axioms… What is the benefit of the armored vehicles that are presented as an American gift to the police? What is the point of any action that does not lead, in a straight, direct and frank manner, to what the Palestinians, the East and the troubled Middle East need? This is what I remind you of, even though you do not say anything else.

They need a state that goes beyond promises and declarations to another state, that is, a “real state” with sovereignty and independence, and when this is achieved, the armored vehicles and police batons will be very partial and limited in the missing whole.

Mr. President..

The Palestinians voted for you on what you said and promised, and they may vote for you again, not because of the armored bullets, but because they are forced to choose between bad and less bad, and in this case they will look at Trump or something like him when they stand in front of the ballot boxes.

Source: Maan News Agency