National Council: Those who signed the “Statement of Shame” identified with extremists

National Council: Those who signed the “Statement of Shame” identified with extremists

The Palestinian National Council said that, in light of what our Palestinian people are being exposed to in the form of a fierce war waged by the Israeli extreme right against our Palestinian cities, a group claiming to be Palestinian intellectuals, writers, and academics living in Europe and America is reaching a moral decline to adopt lies. The Israeli media and artificial narrative against the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, to undermine the head of Palestinian legitimacy.

The Council added in a statement, today, Tuesday, that those who signed the “Statement of Shame” identified themselves with their ongoing frenzied campaign with extremists in Israel, America, and Europe, on top of legitimacy, in various forms and titles, to be part of the conspiracy against the Palestinian cause, by exploiting and linking the quotes mentioned by the President. With anti-Semitism, and in an openly hostile and charged manner, it indicates the level of moral decline.

The Council rejected the practice of this political and intellectual terrorism against our people, especially since the Palestinian leadership repeatedly declared its condemnation of the Holocaust, as the most heinous crimes against humanity, and President Mahmoud Abbas affirmed on many occasions his condemnation of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

He pointed out that at a time when we are in dire need of strengthening the internal Palestinian ranks, uniting ranks and staying away from all strife, this group is consistent with the directed and fabricated lies that distort the truth, and launch campaigns of incitement and incitement of public opinion against the legitimate Palestinian leadership, such as the one you are leading. The extreme right-wing Israeli government.

The Council warned against slipping behind the fabricated and false media, which aims to confuse the President’s speech at the United Nations next week, indicating that it would have been more appropriate for this misguided, hired group biased to the wrong side to condemn the crimes committed against our people, their sanctities, and their prisoners inside the occupation prisons, and the operations of Judaization and seizure. On Palestinian land

Source: Maan News Agency