National Project to Prepare National Cadres in Feasibility Studies, Development Projects to Conclude Tomorrow

The Supreme Council of Planning, in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration, will conclude on Thursday a national project to prepare national cadres in the field of feasibility studies and development projects, which are part of the initiatives to promote economic diversification supported and followed up by the implementation support and follow-up unit.

The program was extended to each group for 6 weeks, with 100 training hours. It worked on qualifying national cadres specialized in the economic feasibility studies of government projects “preparation, analysis and review” which is one of the priorities of the next stage to achieve a high level of efficiency and effectiveness, take the initiative in achieving visions and strategic goals of economic and social development, and empowering government sector units to carry out their responsibilities and implement their projects as planned.

The project aims at preparing national cadres in the field of economic feasibility studies for development projects to prepare qualified government cadres for international best practices in economic feasibility studies and analysis of development projects to be the nucleus of work in the governmental sector. It also aims at preparing national cadres capable of ascertaining the actual needs of government sectors of development projects, matching of demands with development planning of government departments and agencies, and the preparation of national cadres able to integrate strategic planning and the mechanism of implementation of development projects.

Source: Oman News Agency