National Search, Rescue Team Boasts Global Reputation in Handling Climatic, Seismic Conditions

Muscat, The Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (ACDA) has said that the National Search and Rescue Team played a major role in reporting incidents in the aftermath of the tropical cyclone /Shaheen/. It addressed many reports on missing people and uprooted trees that blocked roads and hampered traffic. The team participated in the distribution of supplies to citizens and residents in stricken areas.

The ACDA set up camp in the Wilayat of A’Suwaiq to facilitate the mission of the National Search and Rescue Team in the Governorate of North Al Batinah. From its provision centre there, the team coordinated the efforts of various teams that responded to emergency reports. The centre comprised a variety of human resources, specialized teams and equipment mobilized to handle mayday calls and humanitarian cases.

The ACDA pointed out that the National Search and Rescue Team operates in accordance with a clear-cut mechanism in addressing consequences of climatic conditions, notably by categorizing affected areas to facilitate the delivery of emergency services.

The National Search and Rescue Team has received international accreditation from the International Search and Rescue Group (INSARAG). The national team is specialized in operations covering urban, mountainous and aquatic environments. Its groups of engineers, technicians and physicians command top skills and mobile search utilities (including K9), sniffer dogs, drones and other search and rescue equipment.

As part of its international missions, the National Search and Rescue Team participated in operations in the devastating Nepal Earthquake in 2015.