NBC Inaugurates OM.HUB Entrepreneurial Platform

The National Business Centre (NBC) in

cooperation with Oman Oil Company (OOC), Oman India Fertilizer

Company (OMIFCO) and Oman Telecommunications Company

(Omantel) launched OM.HUB, the entrepreneurial platform at NBC in

Knowledge Oasis Muscat under the patronage of Dr. Ali bin Masoud

al-Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and


The inauguration ceremony also witnessed the signing agreement

of a cooperation programme between the four partners to manage and

operate the entrepreneurship platform – OM.HUB. The platform aims to

assist small and medium-size enterprises (SME’s) by creating a fully-

equipped center that aids in the creation and flourishing of

entrepreneurs, from the start of an idea, to a fully established

company. In addition to that, the center also hosts companies that are

already established acting as a hub of support and growth.

Commenting on the new expansion, Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani, CEO

of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), stated that

the OM.HUB stands at 456 square meters and is divided into a joint

work area that can host 28 candidates and an open gathering area.

“OM.HUB is designed to provide the entrepreneurs with an apt

environment that can merge lively and inspiring atmosphere in one of

the most motivating spaces for the thriving of entrepreneurship and

businesses in the Sultanate,” He pointed out.

He added, “The location of OM.HUB in KOM makes it close to NBC

incubator, ITA’s SAS incubator, Oman Investment Fund’s accelerator

programme, two colleges, in addition to Sultan Qaboos University.

Hence, the platform’s location will enhance collaboration and

partnership between these bodies to support the scene of

entrepreneurship in the Sultanate.”

On his part, Eng. Isam bin Saud al-Zadjali, CEO of Oman Oil, noted

that Oman Oil Company always

strives to achieve the principle of partnership between the public and

private sectors in its various

operations and activities. The project is part of this strategy to support

entrepreneurship in Oman, as

well as encouraging the young generation to enter the world of

entrepreneurship, this would in return

contribute to the advancement of our national economy.

Commenting on the launch of ‘OMHUB’ platform, Talal bin

Mohammed al-Ma’amari, CEO of Omantel said, “We are proud to work

together with our partners to establish OMHUB platform, which aims at

supporting entrepreneurs and to be an innovation incubator that will

contribute in feeding the market with new products and services and

support the efforts being made to provide more jobs and self-

employment opportunities for Omani youth. “Our participation in

establishing this platform is part of Omantel’s initiatives in supporting

SMEs, Omani youth and efforts to diversify national economy” Al

Ma’amari added.

OM.HUB will host the launch and implementation of the business

development programme supported by Omani Fertiliser Company

(OMIFCO). The success and sustainability of any entrepreneurship

progmmme or platform requires a partnership between various sectors.

Therefore, working with partners such as OOC, Omantel and OMIFCO

towards achieving a mutual goal will

eventually maximise the value added seen in the objectives of such

platforms. OM.HUB aims to

promote the principle of integration and cooperation to support

entrepreneurship, rather than compete in this field.

It should be noted that OM.HUB is currently hosting Injaz programme

and Oman Technology Fund’s

accelerator programme, which are both aiming to develop business

ideas in the ICT sector.

Source: Oman News Agency